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HALE KŌKUA O MĀNOA is designed to explore the secrets of living longer and better. Leveraging secrets discovered in Blue Zones around the world—rare longevity hotspots—Blue Zones Project® is helping transform communities across the U.S. into areas where the healthy choice is easy and people live longer with a higher quality of life.

HALE KŌKUA O MĀNOA, or “House of Helping in MĀNOA,” was established in 2018 to minister to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the greater Mānoa Valley. Our approach is taken from a Christian perspective where the needs of people are met though serving each other. A healthy community comes from healthy individuals and we aim to see one another flourish. Join us in improving the health of Mānoa.


Programs serving all ages

Serving healthy programs take time to grow and weʻve started with nine. We want to bring individuals and families together in the discovery of vitality.



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Find healthy dining options at these restaurants in Mānoa, Mākiʻki, McCully, Moiliʻili.

*as of March 31, 2019



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Being healthier at work just got a bit easier in Mānoa, Mākiʻki, McCully, Moiliʻili.

*as of March 31, 2019